About Rock Sports

We are creating more than just sport programs, we are developing a movement. By being a part of Rock Sports Academy, players will get access to everything that will make them a better athlete & person.

Our programs, teams and leagues will stress the importance of fundamentals, smart decision-making and hard work while having fun along the way. We will teach all athletes how to practice and train the proper way so that they have a solid foundation to move forward.

We want to grow sport in Newfoundland and are doing just that! With our program growth across the island and the addition of additional sports to the company, our potential is just scratching the surface!

If you are interested in developing a Club, running a skills training program or a camp reach out to us and we will be more than willing to help.


Rock Sports Academy is dedicated to promoting and instructing sports throughout the province through our athletic programs. Together, we strive to expand and enhance the reach of athletic endeavors in the community and to be the standard for youth sports.


Rock Sports Academy is s a leading provider of innovation, through our brands we continue to drive industry advancements and are dedicated to promoting and fostering sports and nutrition.